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Rogla Snowboard Performance Camp

Grilosode 7 – Gnarlberg

RED (x-mas) PARTY

Brezovica Primary School

Grilosode 6 – Japow

Sailsation Promo – Summer 2011

TOP 2nd Birthday Party

BigStar Commercial

Bright Wedding: K+G

Brutal SB – Factory

”Hey wazup, welcome to my webpage. Here I’m publishing work I do, things I like and all the awesome moments that happen to me in my life. Check my portfolio above or read the last blog posts below.”


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17th November 2013 By Luka Stanovnik

Two weeks ago, at the meeting in Ljubljana, we decided that the next gathering should take place somewhere else. Aaaaand booked London in a minute. Despite the trip only lasted for two days we had tons of unforgettable stuff that went on and I managed to take some pictures in between. Read more…

F*** that was a great summer

20th October 2013 By Luka Stanovnik

I have just returned back from Portugal and just can’t stop thinking of how amazing this summer was.  Be careful – I will try to be short but since so many incredible stories went on,  this blogpost will be a bit longer than usually hahaha.

Read more…

Anniversary & Ski Jump

16th June 2013 By Luka Stanovnik

Matej Gruden is a great friend of mine and we met a couple of years ago when he needed a video and instead of payment he made us a Bright Visuals logo. Then we made few other things together and somehow I  got involved in his family since we did a couple of projects with his parents’ company called Miška as well.

Read more…

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